Wednesday, December 07, 2011

When To Be A "Tour Guide" Bible Teacher

If you’re teaching on a narrative passage of Scripture, think about the “tour guide” approach:
  • Tour guides want people to understand and experience the place, something from history, the personal stories, etc.
  • Tour guides are excited about the history, and want people to “get it” and enjoy it. 
  • Tour guides tell stories with drama, point out the little details, helping people understand connections and timing.
  • Tour guides don’t bore people with long, tedious chronological history in a monotone.  They hit the highlights.  They give framework for understanding.
  • Tour guides are good at asking questions to engage the audience.  Tour guides are good at answering questions, and weaving in even more information than the original question might have asked about.

Think about how to be a tour guide for your students as you study the passage together.  

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