Thursday, December 30, 2004

Underused tool

Nave's Topical Bible is an under-used tool, by my estimation. This is a gem for studying related verses that won't show up in a simple keyword search.

I still prefer the old-fashioned book form -- I can scan faster, and see more than I expected to see. And you can take notes in it! It's fun to date the topics as you search through them. Over time you see how God has been leading your curiosity into His Word.

A good online source (free!) for Nave's is The big problem with the online version is that you have to have some familiarity with the way topics are named. Look at the "Select from Alphabetical List" area to develop a feel for this.

Good teachers use this tool.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

No new posts for a while

I'll be taking a rest from blogging to enjoy Christ in Christmas. Fix your eyes on Jesus! .

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Great tool for Bible teachers

BibleGateway is a free, fabulous service. I use it frequently and highly recommend it.
The Basics

A good friend, a very good teacher, has told me that there are only three things to remember about a good adult Sunday School class:

Use the Bible
Get the class to talk

He points out that they may or may not remember what the teacher said, but they will remember what they said. Therefore it's critical to engage students and create discussion.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Energetic, Active Style

I saw a great teaching lesson yesterday morning at a men's group -- the power of energy.

One man started the meeting and gave the announcements. Guys were still talking, milling around. This man stood there with a mike, but has a low-key presentation style. He scanned the room but had limited eye contact with individuals. I've talked with this man and I know he has a great heart and sincerely loves what he is doing.

Then another man got up, enthusiastically grabbed the mike and launched into his short presentation. He *exuded* energy. He moved around the big room. He made penetrating eye contact and called men by name. He waved his arms and had a huge smile. When we politely applauded the primary speaker he introduced, he chided us and said, "That's a Garden Club welcome, give him a real welcome!" -- and we applauded loudly and longer.

My observation is that with larger groups, the presenter/teacher has to really work at projecting energy and making connections with individuals in the group. Once that is done the speaker or teacher can effectively use quieter tones, less body language, and people can still be engaged.

Have you seen this? What's been your experience? Any suggestions to relay?

Saturday, December 18, 2004

How people learn

I recommend you check out the Beyond Bullets blog for great information about how people learn and process information. He focuses on using PowerPoint and bases his work on research that shows people absorb information through multiple “channels.” Although you may not use PowerPoint often, the ideas here are terrific and you should see some ready applications for your teaching.

Expectancy is a key to growth

“The attribute of a mind open for the unexpected is as important in spiritual growth as in scientific research. When I’m alert to possible new input or direction from God, I’m open to his leading. An attitude of alertness and expectancy greatly pleases any teacher, and especially God. It’s the way to deepen my relationship with him.” -- John Stanford, from an AO note on 5/21/2004.

Friday, December 17, 2004

Welcome to Teach to Change Lives!

The Church today is crying out for Bible teaching. We desperately need men and women who can help people hear God’s voice and obey it. I believe God is already working to raise up a whole new generation of teachers to prepare His people for works of service and increase the praise to His glorious Name. There are great revivals coming, friends, and more and more teachers will be needed to help these new believers.