Monday, December 19, 2011

Add This To Your Library: Better Beginnings

This is a terrific book that I recommend you add to your library: Better Beginnings.  

One of the four best ways to improve your Bible teaching is to strengthen your opening, the hook.  I've been studying presentation techniques and strategies for several years now and have never found anything better than this book on the opening.  

This book is focused exclusively on better beginnings to speeches and presentations.  Intense, practical, imaginative.  I read through it quickly once, then turned right around to read it more slowly the next time.  I liked it so much I scheduled it for a third read later this month when I have some time off from work.  

Though the author is writing to all kinds of presenters, not just "church" people or "religious" settings, nearly everything here will apply whether you're giving sermons, teaching in formal settings, or in a small group study.  

There are only two negatives I want to point out.  First, it's not a cheap paperback.  It's an extremely high-quality hardback, thick paper, gorgeous photos and graphics.  Second, it's hard to find.  As I write this, it's not available on Amazon.  But if you can get your hands on a copy, get it!  

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