Thursday, December 29, 2011

Teach the Whole Bible?

I received an interesting question recently by email: "Mr. Glenn do you teach the whole bible? I was always taught  that I should live what I wanted to teach first, is that a factor in teach to change lives?"

Here was my response:

Thanks for your question!

A few things I think we can agree on:
1. The whole Bible is the Word of God, and is for us individually and the Church
2. God can speak through even a verse or one story to transform a person
3. It's part of discipleship to study the whole Bible over a period of years
4. Teachers teach more effectively out of personal understanding and experience

Are teachers limited to teaching only what they've lived or personally
experienced?  I don't think so.  I've never been to Israel, but use
mapbooks and commentary descriptions to help my students understand
the geography and history of the land and peoples who lived there.  I
myself don't struggle with every sin, but struggle with some and can
speak to the transforming power of Christ's love to overcome any sin.

I believe that God puts some things on our hearts because He does want
us to teach those. That can certainly be a factor in your decision
about what to teach.  My counsel is to prayerfully ask, "Lord, what
does this class need to learn from You and Your Word?"  That's better
than settling first for what I prefer to teach.

Hope this helps.

Teach to change lives,


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