Friday, December 09, 2011

About Those Gates of Hell

Heard any great sermons on this verse?

I also say to you that you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build My church; and the gates of Hades will not overpower it. (Matt 16:18, NASB)

I have, several times, inspiring ones!  I love the verse.  I love the image of the church marching against hell and crushing it.  

So I eagerly read Kevin DeYoung's short article about this verse.  First I got mad.  Then I read it again, and took a more sober view.  This was a very helpful exercise for me in re-thinking my critical Bible analysis approach.  

I recommend the article to you, dear teachers, for the same reasons -- let's be careful in our interpretation of Scripture and use Scripture as our primary guide to interpreting Scripture.  


Anonymous said...

Hi! Have you read the Homily on this topic by St. Augustine?

Glenn said...

John, I have not -- can you point me to a reference?

Anonymous said...

Hi! Sorry, the homily is by Chrysostom not Augustine: