Friday, October 01, 2010

Warning Signs for Bible Teachers

If you teach regularly, please pay attention to these warning signs of danger:

You only read the Bible to prepare lessons, not for yourself. "I know it really well, so it's all about teaching those poor souls who don't."

You dismiss criticism and negative feedback as personal dislike. "Who could possibly disagree with me? I'm always right in my interpretation and application."

You skip regular times of prayer because there is so much writing and counseling and lesson preparation to do. "I'm doing fine, it's just very busy right now."

You sermonize a lot, and leave little room for discussion. "What could they possibly say that is more important than what I have to say?"

You resent any direction-setting from authorities on who or what you should teach. "The only authority I need is whatever God conveniently lays on my heart, that's easy for me to teach without a lot of preparation."

Dear teachers, if/when you see yourself falling into these patterns, repent!

Note: I've adapted this from a similar list for pastors, published by David Murray.

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