Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Do You Tell Them Their Loved One is in Hell?

As a Bible teacher, you may well be asked for your advice on how to minister to someone who has a loved one who died and they don't think he/she was saved in Christ.

I greatly respect the wisdom in Randy Alcorn's answer to this question :

"...we do not have an obligation to try to convince people that their loved one was not saved. I think what that would do is lay a responsibility on us to impose an opinion we have, and although that opinion may very well be accurate, it will just cause unnecessary distress to that person in the midst of their loss.
What might help you personally on this—and I have reassured myself about this many times—is to realize that we do not know what happens inside a person before they die. We don’t know whether the Holy Spirit of God has done a work of grace in someone’s heart and life at the last moment. They may have been aware of the hours, minutes, even just seconds leading up to their death and cried out to God for deliverance."

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