Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ask Yourself These Questions Before You Teach

We're not teaching to entertain or fill heads -- our goal is to teach to change lives. My heart leapt when I read these questions from Francis Chan, which you should ask before you teach:

1. Am I worried about what people think of my message or what God thinks? (Teach with fear)
2. Do I genuinely love these people? (Teach with love)
3. Am I accurately presenting this passage? (Teach with accuracy)
4. Am I depending on the Holy Spirit's power or my own cleverness? (Teach with power)
5. Have I applied this message to my own life? (Teach with integrity)
6. Will this message draw attention to me or to God? (Teach with humility)
7. Do the people really need this message? (Teach with urgency)

Wonderful! Print this off, trim it down, stick it in your Bible and review regularly.


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