Monday, October 25, 2010

Marking Up Your Bible

I met a woman yesterday carrying a really, really well-used Bible. She had layers of tape holding the binding together, scribbles and cross-references and notes all through it. Terrific! Make it your ambition to wear out Bibles.

Here are my thoughts from an earlier blog post about marking up your Bible and making it your own.


Keith B said...


Any good suggestions on how to take those markings and notes and transfer them to teaching notes and usable references?

Keith B

Glenn said...

Keith, great question!

I've tried a number of things, perhaps some of these will help.

Very occasionally, if it's a small group discussion, I've made photocopies of my Bible pages and pass them out.

I often write the outline of my teaching points into the margin -- then I don't need any other notes when I actually teach, because I'm already holding the Bible.

I've never become comfortable with Bible software, but for those who are, there are options to export your notes and comments as a text file that you can edit further. (For myself, though I'm very familiar with computers, handling the physical Bible and using a pen is important tactile experience.)

Perhaps others have suggestions, too.

savita said...
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