Tuesday, May 11, 2010

More Practice Means More Freedom

A Bible teacher in Brazil sent me this comment by email: "I don't like to practice giving my lesson. This gives me more freedom. I don't want to kill the Spirit."

A few comments for you to consider:

The Holy Spirit will direct us in our preparation as well as our presentation. Many teachers have found that wrestling with the lesson material over a period of days, practicing speaking out loud, trying out questions and thinking about how to lead the discussion, all create space for the Holy Spirit to direct us and shape the lesson. I believe it's too limiting to think that the Holy Spirit only acts in the delivery moment.

The more you practice, the less you need your notes, the fewer stumbles you'll have, and the less likely your teaching presentation will be a distraction to those listening to you. Investing in practice gives you confidence. That confidence is the ground of great freedom.

Do not value your freedom as a teacher above your students' needs. We work hard and pray hard to maximize the learning that our students will have.

The real question is not about my freedom, but about honoring our Lord. You decide: how much practicing or lack of practicing most honors the Lord?

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