Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"Am I Supposed to Feel Guilty All the Time?"

Kevin DeYoung gives some excellent answers to the question, "Are Christians Meant to Feel Guilty All the Time?"

In short, he reasons "NO!" But why do we feel guilty so often?

1. We don't fully embrace the good news of the gospel.
2. Christians tend to motivate each other by guilt rather than by grace.
3. Most of our low-level guilt falls under the ambiguous category of "not enough."
4. When we are truly guilty of sin it is imperative we repent and receive God's mercy.

This problem of persistent guilt is a genuine issue today, and if you haven't encountered it amongst your students yet you will. Teachers, I strongly recommend you review this article and use the material here to help you respond to people's situations. You could even create a good lesson on this topic from what's in Kevin's article.

Create the habit of reading good articles, and imagining yourself using the information in the articles to help your teaching. You'll retain the information longer if you imagine yourself using it. Print things like this off, and file them for future reference.

There's a whole world of great information like this, if you're open to finding and using it.

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