Saturday, May 29, 2010

How to Have Energy to Teach Well

Great Bible teaching will leave you excited and tired at the same time. Reality: it takes significant energy to teach well.

I believe far too many teachers are ignoring this truth and should be more intentional to make sure they have energy available when it's time to teach.

Some suggestions:

1. Get a good night's sleep. No amount of stimulants substitute for real sleep. God "grants sleep to those He loves." (Psalm 127:2 ) Use God's gift!

2. Eat right. Don't load up on something sugary right beforehand. You'll feel fine for a few minutes, but then you'll really struggle when your blood sugar drops half way through your lesson. Get some protein and complex carbohydrates in. Make sure you're well hydrated on water.

3. Worship before you teach. This is essential! You're a minister of the Word, but worship comes first. On Sunday morning I recommend you go to worship service before you teach, if you can. Pray and sing and praise and give thanks, in whatever time you have. Make sure you have cleaned up all your short accounts before the Lord, asking forgiveness for any sins.

4. Get some oxygen! Take a few deep breaths before you begin teaching. Oxygenate your blood!

5. Make a big smile. This does wonders for you physically and emotionally.

These suggestions should all increase your energy level and help you teach better.

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