Sunday, May 23, 2010

Addition vs. Multiplication Ministry

I strongly encourage you to train other Bible teachers. (See my free resources for this at You can work harder and do more yourself, but you're always limited by yourself. That's addition ministry. Multiplication ministry is when you invest in others who will in turn develop others (gee, might be a biblical concept, that!)

While I get intellectual agreement when I speak this way, I don't see many people doing it. I think there are several reasons. One is much more powerful than the others.

There is an addictive appeal of addition ministry: I feel important and needed. I'm still at the center of things even years from now. Many people will know my name. I don't have to trust people to get things right, because I'm still doing ministry to them. I don't need to share as much.

If you find those statements resonating with you, join me in repenting and returning to the biblical mandate of multiplication ministry.

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