Thursday, May 13, 2010

7 Thoughts on Reading the Bible

Bible teachers need to foster disciples who read and learn from the Word daily, without hand-holding. We teach children to feed themselves and expect it as being mature. We should do the same with those whom we're called to teach.

Here's some helpful information from J.C. Ryle that would be good to pass along to your students.


7 Thoughts on Reading the Bible (from J.C. Ryle)

1) Read the Bible with an earnest desire to understand it.
2) Read the Scriptures with a simple, childlike faith and humility.
3) Read the Word with a spirit of obedience and self-application.
4) Read the Holy Scriptures everyday.
5) Read the whole Bible and read it an orderly way.
6) Read the Word of God fairly and honestly.
7) Read the Bible with Christ constantly in view.

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