Sunday, October 25, 2009

Who Affirms You?

There's an issue with Bible teachers that can drive you to distraction.

It's the need for the kind of feedback that tells you "I did a good job." It's basically the personal need (which we all share) for affirmation and validation.

Sometimes I don't get any feedback about a class or a series of classes, or at least feel I should get more. So I will ask leading questions like "Was that helpful?" [Go ahead, I dare you to say "No" to my face!]

Intellectually we know that in ministry the only true and lasting affirmation comes from the Lord. And we definitely look forward to that great day when we hear Him tell us, "Well done, good and faithful servant." (Luke 19:17)

Take a giant step toward spiritual maturity. Let's make our hearts congruent with our minds.

Let me challenge you to deal with yourself plainly and simply on this matter, and as often as needed: "It's not about you. Not even a little bit. It's about the part God designed for me and empowered me to fulfill to build His Kingdom for His glory. I am teaching His people according to His great purpose. Amen? Amen!"

Let us grow up in maturity and seek the Lord for affirmation and validation. If we hear affirmation from men, keep it in its place.


Anonymous said...

Hi Glenn,

This came at a timely moment. Could you share how you keep your own ego in check?


Glenn said...


I frequently record my teaching with a digital voice recorder, and then listen to it a day later. Boy, that keeps your head from getting swelled and reminds you that it must be the Holy Spirit at work! I also have a small number of people who know I want to hear negatives/improve-this feedback.

The best thing is prayer.

This is a battle, and this side of heaven the war is not won.