Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Segmentation vs. Intergenerational Church

I was impressed with this interview with Kara Powell, "Is the Era of Age Segmentation Over?" and recommend it to you teachers and church leaders.

You're aware of the distressing statistics about teenagers and young adults falling away from active church participation.

Rather than wringing you hands I suggest you (a) pray for kids and teenagers and young adults! and (b) implement some of the intergenerational ideas in this interview.

Key ideas:
  • The concept of segregating youth is actually quite modern. (I like to point out that the word "teenager" is, too!)
  • There is a strong link between kids staying in church after they graduate and their involvement in intergenerational relationships and worship.
  • Teenagers are up to the challenge of full engagement and meaningful relationships with adults of all ages.
  • Strive for have 5 adults who build into one kid. (I suggest a good metric is to have 5 people building into every person in your church, irrespective of age!) Serving together is the key approach.
  • Parents and adults should share about their own spiritual journeys with younger people.
  • The generation gap is widest today on communications technology -- an area with kids can be leaders in our churches!
Highly recommended.

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