Friday, October 09, 2009

Video as Teaching Medium

The technology of video is becoming ubiquitous in the developed world, and increasingly accessible worldwide.

Factoids: YouTube now streams more than 1 billions videos daily. People upload more than 20 hours of new video content every minute.

I encourage you to think about video as a medium to extend and enhance your Bible teaching. It's not a panacea, any more than radio or TV have been. But it's enough a part of the world that most of you reading this are teaching to an audience that is acculturated to video.

Some ideas:
  • Judiciously incorporate video clips into your teaching/discussion time when it's the most effective way to get information across. Make sure it adds value, and doesn't detract.
  • Record your teaching so that others can benefit in different time and space.
  • Use video content or introduce or reinforce information between lessons.
  • Use video as a reference medium when you're preparing to teach. There is an increasing amount of Bible teaching and commentary and devotions on
  • Live-stream your teaching time to class participants who can't be there in person. See for some ideas.
Technically challenged on finding/using/creating/distributing video? This is an ideal opportunity to develop ministry across generations -- usually your young adults will be ahead of you on the learning curve and willing to help you out.

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