Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Two Most Effective Weapons to Take Down a Bible Teacher

Don't give God's crummy enemy bullets with which to shoot you. The most effective weapons against you teaching the Bible to change lives are discouragement and pride.

Exchanging emails with many Bible teachers over these past few months, I'm seeing a consistent problem that's just deadly: teachers comparing themselves to other teachers and other ministry workers.

Don't compare yourself with others in ministry. Don't do it!

First, nowhere in Scripture are we instructed to compare ourselves to others this way.

Second, the practical consequences of comparing yourself to others are inevitable and sickening. You end up in one of two bad places:

a) You're discouraged because you think you're not as good as someone else

b) You're proud because you think you're better than someone else

So don't compare yourself to others. It's not helpful at all. If you have been, then take some time (now!) to repent.

The truth is that the Lord made you to be you. If He needed another ______ (fill in your favorite hero here) He wouldn't have made you.

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