Friday, April 17, 2009

Creating a "Blank Bible" for Personal Study

I'm a big fan of my wide-margin Bible, but it's still too small a space for all the note-taking and writing that I'd like to do. The two primary problems with loose-leaf Bibles are bulk and the awkwardness of writing near the 3 ring binder holder.

So I was amazed to read about how several people creating "blank Bibles" similar to what Jonathan Edwards did (see this very cool video explaining Edwards' approach) . They remove the cover from a Bible, cut off the glue on the binding side, then insert blank sheets of paper between the pages of Scripture, and hold everything together with a spiral binding so it lays flat when open. Amazing!

Check out the detailed instructions here and here, with lots of pictures. Here's one approach using just the Gospel of Matthew and a Moleskine notebook.

I'm timid to try it, but might overcome my fear, because it looks so useful and practical! Anyone tried to create a blank Bible for their own use?

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