Saturday, April 18, 2009

Base Hits

There is insiduous pressure on pastors and Bible teachers to make the next sermon or lesson better, more spectacular, more powerful, more sensational, more memorable, more exciting.

To use a baseball analogy, we begin thinking that only towering home runs are helpful.

Not true! If you're in a position of regular teaching, then a steady pattern of base hits will win games. Take each lesson for itself, and stop comparing one lesson to another.

This is different than working to improve your teaching craft over time! You should seek to improve your craft over time.

Work hard for your students, work steadily, but do not fall into the traps of thinking everything must be spectacular. If you begin thinking and operating this way, you will manipulate people, become motivated more by pride than love, and find you have walked away from the Holy Spirit.

Check out this article to think more about this concept.

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