Saturday, September 17, 2011

Reciting the Gospel of Mark -- What You Can Learn

This is amazing, fascinating!  Max McClean recites (dramatically, with some graphics and lighting effects) the entire Gospel of Mark.

What power is in the Word of God, and the story of Jesus!

I refer you to this for several reasons:

First, you and I can learn a lot about how to read Scripture aloud to the people we're teaching.  Notice how engaging this presentation is -- don't you dare bore people with your reading of God's Word!

Second, note how effective even a little drama and maps are to help people understand what's going on.

Third, it might be very helpful for your class or a small group to get this DVD and watch it together.

Fourth, note how much more helpful it is to get all 16 chapters together, as a long story, than give people nearly random excerpts of passages and verses.  Help your students understand the story and how the different elements of the God's Word fit together.

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