Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Example Hook

Here's an example 'hook' I used to start a class recently.  The lesson was the 1st in a series on Elijah.  I wanted this group (which was a class of older adults whom I knew were very concerned about the state of the US) to identify with the time period, so they would be receptive to studying the Word and seeing how God related to people just like them.

I started this way:

"The country is divided, with enormous political and economic uncertainty.  There are several countries in the Middle East seething with unrest and jockeying for power.  Ungodly, unrighteous practices are promoted by leading politicians.  Fewer and fewer people look to God or His Word for guidance.  It's been more than 50 years since "the greatest generation," when they led by character, sacrifice, and industry.  The cultural strengths of the land are fading.  Can I get an Amen?

"But I'm not talking about the United States in 2011.  I'm talking about the northern kingdom of Israel in 874 BC, 57 years after the death of King Solomon.  There are many parallels to our current day, so let's look together at how God sent the prophet Elijah into the mix."

Now, isn't that stronger than "Open your Bibles to 1 Kings chapter 16" ? 

It's worth some effort to find ways to engage your students right at the start.  


val said...

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security said...

I would have thought of that too. I guess were on the similar track.