Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Last Adam - nice model for lesson

Great Bible teachers are always on the lookout for good material, well-structured, that could be the basis for a lesson or devotion.  There is a generous community of pastors and teachers worldwide who publish sermons, articles, and blogs that you can adapt.

The Last Adam is just such an example.  You can easily adapt this blog post about Adam, Christ, and a detailed framework of Romans 5:12-21 into a shorter or longer lesson.  It would be good discussion material to review in breakout groups of 3-6 in a larger class.  It would be fun to work up some possible applications.

Don't need this right now?  Perhaps you want to print off a copy and file it for future reference.  Or just tuck away in some dim corner of memory that a Google search on "last Adam" will likely find it again.

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