Thursday, February 25, 2010

Why Has God Left Satan On The Earth?

One question that surfaces regularly for Bible teachers is why God allows Satan to continue working. There is so much evil, so much pain and suffering, and if God is loving and all-powerful, why hasn't He just destroyed Satan?

John Piper gives a succinct explanation that will help you address these questions. His response is packed with Scripture, tender in its approach, and will help you see the importance of the glory of God.

"Why then does God tolerate Satan? The key is that God aims to defeat Satan in a way that glorifies not only his power, but also the superior beauty and worth and desirability of his Son over Satan. God could simply exert raw power and snuff Satan out. That would glorify God's power. But it would not display so clearly the superior worth of Jesus over Satan. That will be displayed as Christ defeats Satan by his death and then by winning superior allegiance from the saints over the lies of Satan."

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