Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The Most Difficult 12 Inch Gap

It's about 12 inches from a person's head to his or her heart. If you desire to teach to change lives, the most difficult 12 inch gap you must traverse is the distance between their heads and their hearts!

We must teach to get across information. Your students need to know the story of the Bible, the principles and commands and the promises. That's basic education, and we can never walk away from that responsibility. (Also, do not underestimate how many repetitions of these basics are valuable!)

But life change does not come from head knowledge alone. This is why we prayerfully seek the power of God to be at work in our student's lives! They need a lightning strike of insight and changes their conviction. They need to hear the still quiet voice that shatters the walls of their hardness.

In God's plan, He has a part and he gives us a part.

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