Saturday, November 21, 2009

Twitter, Blogs as Influence Tools

I've heard a bunch of people say things about blogs and Twitter like "Waste of time, I don't get much out of it."

No doubt that much time can be wasted. But since most of the people reading this are called to be leaders, I want to challenge you:

It's a mistake to focus on what you get from blogs and Twitter and Facebook (and...). Instead, focus on the people you're serving! These are tools for influencing others -- encouraging, coaching, teaching, rebuking, helping others!

Michael Hyatt says that Twitter is a leadership amplifier. All communications media amplify your leadership ability (or inability).

The personal benefit of blogging and Twitter is increased clarity that results from the discipline of writing things down. And that clarity of thinking in turn benefits others!

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Dale said...

Those last two paragraphs are eye-openers.