Friday, November 06, 2009

4P+V --> Improved Talks!

For many of you the fastest way you can improve your teaching and presentations is by strengthening how you verbally present information.

My friend Scott Aughtmon has a terrific 4P+V strategy for improving talks. Scott has 21+ years of experience as a youth pastor and church gatherer, and is the author of Lasting Student Ministry.

Here are my notes from an eclass Scott gave yesterday:

What you teach your students every week matters. You’re a main voice
shining the light of God’s truth into their lives. You’re helping
them avoid spiritual starvation.

Content is important. Preparation (seasoning, cooking, presentation)
is what improves consumability.

A simple formula to easily improve your talks
4P + V = improved talks

Punch -- When we speak the key is to avoid monotone. Excellent
content in a monotone is b-o-r-ing! Every once in a while increase
your volume to get their attention. Your passion and excitement comes
through and affects your audience.

Pitch – Let your emotion bend the tone of your words? Exaggerate this
when you speak in larger groups. This is natural, but amplify it.
Don’t speak like Mr. Spock from Star Trek.

Progression – Keep people’s attention by allowing your words to speed
up sometimes. Build up intensity and pace. Alternatively,
intentionally slow down to emphasize a point.

Pause – A pause in the right place can make them THINK about what
you’re saying. A pause can signal that something important is about
to be said. A good sudden silence grabs their attention.

Volume – Use the technique of lowering your voice volume, occasionally
talking softer. This helps capture attention. It’s especially useful
to signal when you’re being serious. Your audience needs to focus
harder on what you’re saying.

Punch + Pitch + Progression + Pause + Volume = Improved Talks

Mix these things up, different times and in different ways! Don’t use
any one technique too much, or it loses its effectiveness. (You don’t
want them to become annoying.)

Idea: Mark in the margin of your notes to remind yourself what
technique to use when.

We’re not manipulating people. We naturally do these things. Use
them well to be a better communicator. These vocal techniques help
the audience feel what your feeling, and allow them a better
opportunity to think about what you’re saying.

“If someone rejects what you’re saying you want it to be because
they’re rejecting the truth of God’s Word, not because of how you’re
presenting it.”


I think you can immediately see the value of Scott's coaching. I'm delighted to recommend you consider his follow-up series of 4 e-classes in a course called “Talk Boosters: Methods I’ve Learned From 21 Years of Preaching That Can Take Your Talks To A New Level.”

There will be four 45-60 minute classes covering:

• Content that really matters
• The key ingredient to grab people’s attention
• Structure – a new format for talks that Scott has really found effective
• Building a powerful story – use the methods that movie studios use
to hold attention
• Presentation skills – including body language and eye contact strategy

Scott will give you example text and audio samples so you can really
understand what Scott is teaching.

The cost will $40 ($10/class). You can pay by the week. [I'm not getting any compensation for recommending this, ok, it's just great material that can really help you.]

Go here to sign up:

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