Sunday, November 01, 2009

Before God Works Through You...

It's a truism that everyone in ministry roles needs to learn and relearn, and…relearn again:

God cannot do His great work through you before He does His great work in you.

I'm not that old (47 at this writing), but I now say that the Biblical story, the evidence from saints through the ages, and my own life now testify that there are no shortcuts to spiritual maturity. Consider the lives of Noah, Abraham, Joseph, and Moses. Consider that Paul preached powerfully among the Jews soon after his conversion, and then spent years in Damascus before the great work God had for him.

One of the worst things you can do as a Bible teacher is compare yourself with others. God leads each of us along in His timing.

Our part is to cooperate with the Spirit, hour by hour, day by day. Focus on the hours and the years will take care of themselves by the grace of God. He is faithful and will bring to completion that which He has started in you!

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