Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What Church Isn't

One of the responsibilities you have as a Bible teacher is aligning people with the truth of Scripture, and dispelling wrong notions. This is in part why teachers are held to higher standards!

I find that many people have unbiblical ideas about the nature of the Church. (If you quiz them, they might give you the "right" answers, but their behavior and attitudes tell me what they really believe.)

So I was delighted to find Brad Ruggle's blog post about "What Church Isn't" and heartily recommend it to you. This could readily be the basis for a nice small group discussion or Sunday School lesson, with some meaty application.


Church Isn’t About Protecting Christians From The World

Church Isn’t A Club

Church Isn’t An Event

Church Isn’t A Location or Building

Church Isn’t A Denomination

Church Isn’t About You

Read the details here.

What are other areas where you believe we need to correct people's incorrect understanding?

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