Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Three Take-Aways from Dale Carnegie on Public Speaking

Jerry Bridges was asked "What single piece of counsel (or constructive criticism) has most improved your preaching?"

I liked his response:

"Years ago I took the Dale Carnegie public speaking course. In it I learned three things that I try to practice: 1) Know your subject thoroughly. 2) Be convinced your audience needs to hear your message. 3) Have a strong passion to deliver the message. Though these principles were applied in the context of secular speeches, I found them very helpful for my message preparation and delivery." Source

The same could be said for great Bible teaching! You should know your passage very well, be convicted (not just convinced, but under conviction!) that your students need to hear this message, and deliver your lesson material with passion and enthusiasm.

These things are essential to the craft of teaching the Bible to change lives!
What can you do this week to sharpen all three?

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