Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Review Yourself

One of the hardest -- and most helpful -- things you can do is to record your lessons and listen to yourself.

There are some wonderful, inexpensive digital voice recorders available now. I use an Olympus unit with an external mic. Easy to use and completely unobtrusive; I just turn it on and slip it into my pocket, with the mic position on my shirt for good audio pick-up. I transfer the audio file to my PC via the built-in USB connection.

I recommend you wait at least a day, to improve your objectivity. Also, prepare to be surprised that it sounds different occasionally than what you thought you said!

(Note that you'll need to arrange a different means to assess how you came across visually.)

Realistically assess your hook, questions, interaction, application, and lauch phases. It's been said that "feedback is the breakfast of champions." Dig into your Wheaties!


Bobby Bentz said...

Yes, I have a voice recorder, but I mostly use a small notebook I keep in my back pocket

Bobby Bentz said...

Or sometimes I text myself small notes, because I forget even the greatest thoughts sometimes.

Glenn said...

Bobby, thanks for your suggestion. It's good to take notes afterwards, but probably not during your teaching. Also, the voice recording is the best way to assess your questions, tonality, clarity, rhythm and flow. said...

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