Monday, June 27, 2011

Don't End with Q&A

Common mistake for many teachers: ending a lesson with question/answer.  You can't predict what comes up.  You don't know the last question you'll receive.  Therefore you lose control over your close, and miss the opportunity to close powerfully.

Here's the best approach:
1. Go through your intro (hook) and main lesson.  Interact, discuss, ask and answer questions.
2. Soft-close by saying something like "I'll wind this up in a few moments, but are there other questions or insights you'd like to share?" Work through those.
3. Finish strong with a planned summary of the key points and application(s) you want them to take away.  Try to do this 90 seconds or less.

This approach lets you include Q&A time without letting it control your ending -- which is the launch point to get your students back into loving God and loving others.

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