Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Why Foreign Films Without Subtitles Don't Communicate

Occasionally I hear people cite the (wrong) statistic that your words count for 7%, tonality for 38%, and body language 55% of your communication.

This blog post, "Get Your Communication Right," gives you the correct information that you need as a Bible teacher or preacher.

"If verbal communication only accounts for 7% of a message then we could all communicate by mime, charades would be easy and we could watch foreign language films with the sub-titles turned off.

Try this: Turn to a friend or colleague and try to communicate without words, “I feel deeply about global warming because I feel as humans we have a responsibility to our environment and the generations that follow us.” It’s not possible but according to some so-called specialists we should be able to get 93% of this message across.

Words are very important, they create meaning. We can use words to inspire, motivate and to reframe toxic or unresourceful mindsets."

Read the whole article, it's worthwhile.

Focus on your words first, and then work to make your tonality and body language support those words! That's the way to teach the Bible to change lives.

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