Friday, January 07, 2011

Try These Tips For Better Projection

It's important that you learn to project your voice, especially if you're teaching a group that's larger than 2 people sitting with you. This takes practice.

It's not yelling, or merely speaking louder. Projection requires focused effort to speak from your diaphram, not just the back of your mouth. It helps me to imagine my words rushing past my teeth at high speed, targeting them to individuals in the back of the room. And you must enunciate syllables. It may feel weird, but it will sound much better.

One of the most common issues that cause people to stumble and mumble is nervousness. Relax, remember that God is the One who has you here at this point in time for these particular people. Sip water if your mouth gets dry; it's difficult to project well when your tongue sticks to your cheeks!

The other thing which helps me project better is simply to stand with excellent posture. This helps free up your diaphram muscles and open your throat. Give sustained eye contact with individuals in your group, and speak to them.

Solicit a friend to give you feedback on how well you are doing with projection. Specifically ask this person to "rate" your projection at 4 or 5 times over 30 minutes. It's easy to project well at the start and then lapse down.

Try these tips for better projection. Quality projection means you're heard, and appreciated.

(By the way, ff you're teaching to a really large group, or in a room bigger than, say, 25x40 feet, then I recommend a microphone. Even with a microphone, the quality of your voice will be superior if you are working at projection.)

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