Thursday, December 09, 2010

Don't Apologize For What You Are Doing

I've done it, and I've seen many others do it: apologize at the front or end of a lesson.

Hear me on this: Don't apologize.

First off, it's not a biblical concept. The word apologize isn't a biblical word at all. What you "sort of" mean is "forgive me," but you aren't actually seeking forgiveness, and there's likely nothing to forgive!

Second, it doesn't help.

Sure, you're nervous. You feel inadequate. You might realize you aren't as prepared as you should be. You goofed up the hook and forgot half your best questions.

If those things are true, people don't need that pointed out to them. If they notice, they'll likely be gracious. Or they might not have noticed at all. In the sovereignty of God, you're supposed to be there teaching (no matter how you might feel at the moment)! Don't ding that beautiful truth.

And don't apologize.

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Pumice said...

Sometimes I think people use apology to show a false humility. I have occasionally taught a speech class at my middle school and this is one of the points I make.

Good point.

Just cruising with the "next post" button.

Grace and Peace