Saturday, November 13, 2010

Why You Must Be a Great Student of God's Word

Experts must be students first. Great teachers must be students first.

There is no substitute for personal study of the Word.


I challenge you, today, to increase the amount of focused time that you spend studying and learning and meditating on the Bible. Notice I said "focused time." Bring focus and enthusiasm and energy to your study time, and it's value greatly increases! Passion fuels understanding and life transformation. You can't take your students to places you have not gone yourself.

If you increase your focused study time, then you'll find that your mind and the Spirit continue to work in you as you go through your regular activities. New insights will come when you aren't expecting them. (Side note: write 'em down so you don't lose them! They tend to evaporate quickly.)

Push yourself to be a better student of God's word. Don't settle. Don't coast. You and your students need much, much more!

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