Thursday, July 29, 2010

Teach to Shape and Help Teachers

Not everyone you teach will become a formal Bible teacher in a classroom or congregation or small group. That's a given.

But a large fraction of the people you're teaching will be in teaching roles and leading roles in the future. They're helping their children at home. They're leading devotions. They're contributing to good conversations with neighbors and co-workers. They're answering questions and testifying to the goodness of God. Many times they will be teaching and be completely unaware that they're teaching.

Therefore it's not enough to teach as though the information you're sharing will stop with them, or the methods you use only apply in this setting. Remember, these people will be imitating you.

Most of us need a mindset change: we're not teaching, we're teaching teachers!

Here's where to start: Prayer. "Lord, help me teach people who will teach. What do they need to know? What should I be modeling for them as we study Your Word together?"

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