Friday, July 02, 2010

Gratitude Celebration

We've recently passed a number of milestones which I can't imagine happening without God being at work:

* has been going for 6 years and 1 month now. I estimate that more than 1.4 million people have been taught by teachers influenced through this ministry.

* Recently the 20,000th person signed up for free email helps (e.g., teaching tips).

* 15,208 people have downloaded the free materials from, so we're on our way towards developing 400,000 new Bible teachers by 2021.

* I've made over 3000 blog posts on and

* We'll soon celebrate 23 years of marriage (I married WAY up!). Our youngest child is on the way to college, so we're about to be officially "empty nesters." Different stage of life!

In gratitude, I'm making two new training audio lessons available for free, and -- only until July 5th, a number of our products for Bible teachers are 50% off. Check it out at the Attitude of Gratitude Celebration page.


Wayne Kronz said...


In response to J.P.'s comments, I have this to say, , , 'I listened to your "scenarios" audio, , , and appreciate it very much. Good job!

'Regarding discussion, , , I use it a lot. I have several new beleivers in my class (of about 20)and several of them have questions about the topic of the day.

'I consider my students feedbacck and questions a great opportunity to explain, clarify and help these new beleivers realy understand scripture.

'I would say it differently than J.P., "always let your students give feedback, ask questions and feel free to interact with the group." (I also teach a training session for teachers titled, Discussion Strategies" as well as my material on using Visual Aids in Bible Studies).

'If I'm worth a dime as a teacher, and am properly prepared, (and have a solid background in God's Word) with the Holy Spirits help I'd be able to give the right guidence and control the direction of the class.'

Wayne Kronz

Glenn said...

Thank you, Wayne!

Readers, Wayne is referring to a person with the initials J.P. who wrote a negative response to me about using discussion in teaching. I do agree with J.P. and Wayne that unguided discussion, uncoupled from Scripture, is not good Bible teaching.