Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Bible Reading Plans

I'm sometimes asked what Bible reading plan I recommend. Years ago I would give a specific recommendation. Nowadays, I simply reply "The plan that will keep you in the Word systematically day after day."

I don't think the particular plan matters, just that you use one. And if you grow weary of one plan, switch to another one! Being in the Word regularly, and covering the whole of Scripture are the two aspects that count.

There are lots of plans available. For starters, check out these web sites:

A terrific list compiled on Squidoo

One significant tip: Get on the same reading plan as someone else, or a small group of people, and share what you are learning. If you know you're going to be having a conversation about it, you'll (a) be more likely to keep reading, and (b) actually learn more.


Darryl Wilson said...

Good tips, Glenn. I would add one suggestion: try not to change plans so frequently that your exposure to God's Word is scattered and unbalanced.

Glenn said...

That's an excellent point, Darryl! We need to persevere on those days when it's just not "exciting" enough for us. I tell people that I "feel like" having my quiet time about 2 or 3 mornings out of 7 -- but I discipline myself to do it every day.