Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What Happens to Infants Who Die?

John Piper answers the challenging question "What happens to infants who die?" You may or may not agree with his answer, but take note, dear teacher, of how he makes an argument from Scripture -- gently, firmly, carefully.


Michael Porto said...

Interesting. We are all imputed sin because of the sin of Adam. So what happens to the imputed sin that these babies are guilty of? I have heard it suggested that the sacrifice of Christ on the cross removed imputed sin.

Any thoughts?

Glenn said...

Michael, you've articulated the key part of the question. :-) Men have struggled for many generations to understand these issues. I don't know that God has set up the complete answer as knowable by men.

What I appreciated about Pastor Piper's approach here, and the reason I posted it, was his use of Scripture and his tone in response.

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