Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Battling Cultural ADD

The preponderous effect of television and social media is that we're cultivating a population of youth and adults who prefer to be distracted than to concentrate. They're trained to ineffective multitasking and quick switching if something does "hold" their attention for more than a few seconds -- just press the remote channel up button, or click the mouse to go on to the next thing.

It's cultural attention-deficit disorder. Successful advertisers and content creators see the trend, and position content to be successful in this environment, which breeds more distraction behavior.

This is our real-world challenge as teachers of God's Word. How do we capture and keep attention? How do we promote engagement with the Bible?

I've written many times about using questions, story, and dialogue for effective teaching. Today I want to emphasize something else for you.

The Word of God stands like a towering rock over all this. It will not be moved, it will not be shaken, and it remains strong. It is not like the sea or the clouds, which are ever changing. God's Word will not be broken.

I encourage you to use the characteristic strength of the Bible as the attention-grabber and attention-holder. I see signs that God is at work opening people's eyes and hearts to the FACT that they are spending themselves on that which cannot satisfy. God is drawing people back to strength and solidity and confidence.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I never thought about it like this before, but I think you are absolutely correct. I thought it was instant gratification due to microwaves, fast food and credit cards vs layaway, but this is even more instantaneous. Our nervous system was not designed for this type of abuse!

Anonymous said...

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