Saturday, January 30, 2010

Why You Should Create Comfortable Environments

I exhort you to create comfortable environments, first for yourself, and then for your students or small group.

Here's why: You'll spend more time there, and more enjoyable time...and that means more learning. There's only so much self-discipline to go around, so don't try to have devotions in a place you don't enjoy. If your students are crammed close together in uncomfortable chairs, they aren't going to linger about and ask you questions -- they're watching the clock and delighted to get out of there as soon as possible!

For your devotions and study, set up an environment that you really enjoy and look forward to being in. Comfortable chair -- probably NOT the chair pictured here! A place for your stuff. Good lighting. Things around that make you feel good. Guys talk about their "man cave." (I don't know what women would call their favorite setting.)

If this sounds selfish it is. I want you to feel the freedom to create an environment where you enjoy hanging out in God's Word and in prayer.

For your teaching times, again, create a desirable, enjoyable, comfortable setting. A small group meeting with couches and rocking chairs in a living room is very inviting. People will want to be there. It feels right. At your church site do everything you can to make your class space inviting and enjoyable for people.

You'll find the learning goes up!

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