Saturday, January 02, 2010

Seminary Courses Online

I'm delighted to see that more and more seminaries are offering distance learning programs, and many schools offer a wide range of free training as well. Serious Bible teachers are always in learning mode -- we will never exhaust the well of Scripture!

A number of seminaries are now putting actual classes online. For example, Dallas Theological Seminary has what they call iTune University. Sometimes schools offer video and PowerPoint slide decks to accompany audio recordings of lectures. Some schools like Gordon-Conwell Seminary will even mail you CDs to listen to.

These are excellent training opportunities. I encourage you to check out different seminaries and consider what they offer. A seminary geographically closer to you means that you might even be able to visit there and meet with some of the faculty.

I'm not going to make a specific seminary recommendation for you. The readers of this blog span a wide theological framework, and you need to investigate the perspective and history of a seminary before you invest time in their courses. Make sure you're comfortable with their doctrine statements. Talk with your pastor if you need counsel on this.

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