Tuesday, September 01, 2009

World History Chart

After my earlier post about studying the Bible chronologically, the Agards contacted me and asked me to review their world history chart. So I ordered a copy from their easy-to-use website. The chart arrived here in 3 days and I shot this video review with the chart spread out on our living room floor. (The video is a little fuzzier than I'd like; I used a Flip cam.)

Key points:
  • This is world history up to the year 2000, not only the biblical timeline. So you get church history and key events throughout the world.
  • The circular layout, color coding for people groups/nations descended from Adam, and the index are outstanding.
  • The quality of the work is excellent.
  • There is so much information packed on this chart that you have to be up close to read the small print. So it's an excellent reference tool, or for use with a family or small group around a table, but you can't put this in front of a larger group and expect them to see more than the sweep of colors.
  • The provided PDF copy is your best avenue for enlarging a subset of the chart in order to make slides or handouts. Open the PDF, zoom in, then make a screenshot of that to paste into another document for your handout or slide.
You can order your copy from http://agards-bible-timeline.com

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