Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What's the Evidence of Changed Lives?

Teaching to change lives is our mission. What kind of change are we looking for? The general answer is "growth in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ."

What does that specifically look like?

Our friends at the Sunday School Revolutionary have a terrific list, which I've reproduced here for you:
  • willingness to think,
  • understanding how learning applies to life today,
  • understanding how learning applies to my life,
  • good questions during and after class,
  • seeking more information on a subject or idea,
  • healthy discussion,
  • testimonies,
  • changed conversation,
  • changed thinking,
  • changed desires and attitudes,
  • changed behavior,
  • changed focus and goals,
  • fewer poor decisions,
  • knowledge of God's Word,
  • growth in the fruit of the Spirit,
  • unity,
  • desire to build up the body of Christ,
  • willingness to sacrifice,
  • better relationships,
  • healthy marriage,
  • desire to give,
  • desire to help,
  • desire to serve,
  • willingness to shepherd/lead/teach His sheep,
  • passion about God and living for Him,
  • recognition of God at work in and around me,
  • free-flowing praise and thanks to God,
  • appreciation for others,
  • acts of love and grace,
  • hunger for God and His Word,
  • desire for prayer and spiritual disciplines,
  • choosing obedience even when it is inconvenient,
  • courage to go where He sends,
  • desire to worship Him with other believers

(If you're teaching adults in Sunday School, be sure to follow their excellent blog.)

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