Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Back from Hiatus, and New Commitments

Thanks for your patience while I took a blogging hiatus!

While taking this break I finished a few projects and made big progress on some others:

Completed my systematic theology study (Grudem's book, Systematic Theology)
Launched 400,000 Bible teacher initiative and lined up more promoters and helpers
Set up "Inner Bible Teacher" coaching curriculum for Bible teachers for July/August
Made plans for teaching this fall (1/2 Corinthians)
Got started on new version of Teach the Bible to Change Lives
Making more progress with Twitter (follow me at glenn_brooke)
Outlined curriculum for leadership development

I've also been thinking and praying about how I have done blogging, and plan to make some changes.

I will work harder to produce more original content posts, even if that means I'm posting less frequently. I'm still going to point you towards interesting content as I find it, adding my comments -- but will probably collect these up rather than posting individually.

My prayer remains that our Lord will continue to direct people to this blog in order to encourage and build them up.

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