Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How a Weird Subject Line Encourages People

If you get an email from someone that just says “Bzzzzzzzz!” in the subject line, and nothing else, it’s because they’re praying for you.  This quick shorthand way to communicating “Hey, I’m praying for you!” is spreading rapidly around the world. 

Someone suggested I explain the history of Bzzzzzzzz! messages and promote the idea further.

Go here for all the details:


I'll be curious to see your responses in the comments!

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Vern said...

I believe this to be the greatest invention since the 'Arc'. What a great idea to get a person's attention to such a great blessing! Thanks for sharing this, Glenn. I know I am going to carry on the pattern of prayer for our brothers and sisters in the Faith.
BZZZZZ I just did!!