Monday, August 15, 2011

Quick Answers to Frequently Questions

I get some questions frequently, so I recorded short answers to a few of them.  Do you have one of these questions?

"How can I really know if my students are growing from the teaching they are getting when I teach?"    Listen to Glenn's Answer here

"Due to a policy that a Sunday School teacher must be a member of our church for one year before they [are allowed] to teach, I am sitting on the sidelines until October.  What are some things I can do over the summer to make sure I'm ready come fall?" Listen to Glenn's Answer here

"What do you do when called on to teach impromptu or last minute and your mind just seems to be blank of subject matter.  You may have been studying something personally, but that is not appropriate for the time. Am I right in assuming you should just always have something in your spirit that you could teach if called upon?"    Listen to Glenn's Answer here

"I'm a new Christian, 4 years, and I'm teaching a class of older Christian ladies who have been church members many years.  I feel they know of every possible lesson that I can teach.  How do I make the lesson as exciting for them as it is for me?" Listen to Glenn's Answer here

"How do I become very good at quoting Scripture, even without looking at the Bible?"  Listen to Glenn's Answer here

"People seem to get bored and ready to leave toward the end of my lessons...what should I do?"Listen to Glenn's Answer here

"What Study Bible should I use?" Listen to Glenn's Answer here

"What do I think about [baptism, baptism of the Spirit, speaking in tongues, the unforgivable sin, etc.]?"   Listen to Glenn's Answer here

"Do you know why I'm not teaching good lessons now? Because that other teacher has all the advantages, that's why my teaching isn't as good as his!"  Listen to Glenn's Answer here

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