Friday, July 01, 2011

Recommended Resource: Nave's Topical Bible online

Teachers, the classic book "Nave's Topical Bible" is available free online:

Nave's Topical Bible

How to use it:  Let's say you are interested in getting more perspective from all the Bible passages which describe faithfulness (even if they don't use that word).  Click on the letter F, and you'll see the list of terms which begin with the letter F.  Click on the Faithfulness, and you'll get a list of about 2 pages of Scripture references, and related terms.  You can copy/paste from this page into your document, or print.  Easy-peasy!

(If you type in a term in the search box, you wind up with a Google search.  So just click on the letters to get to the index of terms.)

Much of the value of Nave's Topical Bible is that you can find relevant passages even though they don't use a specific keyword.  So it's complementary to your concordance tools.

Orville J. Nave(1841-1917) spent 14 years creating this wonderful resource while serving as a Chaplin in the United States Army. We give thanks to God for his service to the Church!

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