Sunday, March 13, 2011

"That Scumbag Piper!"

I recently corresponded by email with a subscriber who was furious that I referred anyone to John Piper's sermons or videos or book.  In one email he wrote "That scumbag Piper..." and ranted on about some unspecified heresies and apostasies.

As teachers we share a great responsibility to teach with integrity, to the best of our understanding, and model gracious dialogue and mutual edification for our students.

I lean conservative in my theological views, but am happy to relay good information and insights from more liberal theologians and pastors, too.  If someone disagrees with me about disputable matters, it's wrong to break fellowship and tear that person down.  We must deal with wrong teaching about non-disputable matters, of course.  Even then there is a grace-saturated process which honors the Lord and His Church.)

I strongly disagree on economic and political matters with millions of my fellow US citizens -- but they're my fellow citizens, not my enemy.  By the grace of God, I have more in common with Palestinian Christians and Pakistani Christians and Iranian Christians than I do even with my fellow American citizens. We all have a common enemy, Satan, who is delighted when we attack our fellow Christians, forgetting that we are all servants of Jesus.

In your teaching, model graciousness towards all fellow Christians.  If you feel a person has taught something wrong, work from Scripture and address it that way.  Remember that we are all under THE higher authority!

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